Mystery Plant

N says that this mystery weed with yellow flowers that is growing over the bush is tobacco. Is it true? The flowers do smell delightful. 


11 thoughts on “Mystery Plant”

  1. Honeysuckle, I agree with everyone – small yellow flowers with wonderful scent and loved by insects.
    However you can grow tobacco plants (nicotinia) and they also have a really lovely scent, especially in the evening. There are plenty of pretty garden varieties. You probably don’t want to grow the commercial varieties, their high nicotine content wouldn’t be advisable around small children! Anyway they’re not nearly as pretty and some can be huge.


  2. Oh my goodness, Klara looks gorgeous! Forget the flower, that is truly a lovely child (and I do not generally like small children or find them adorable)


    1. Thank you. :-))) She is super cute when she begins to babble. It’s like she directs whole speeches at me, complete with facial expressions and gestures.


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