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Time Wasters

What’s especially cute is that all of these revelations about Kushner come from anonymous sources in the Trump campaign. 

What a royal waste of time all this is. 

And before anybody objects, when was the last time I was wrong on anything that had to do with Russia?


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One thought on “Time Wasters

  1. Stringer Bell on said:

    It’s only a waste of time because of the soft bigotry of low expectations we have for this administration, and because the craven republican establishment will stand by this president no matter what he does, since the prospect of denying healthcare to millions, and giving the tax cuts to millionaires is too tantalizing for them.

    Imagine if Hillary Clinton turned this country into a banana republic the way he has in the first 100 days of her administration. She’d be impeached by now. Remember the email ‘scandal’? This administration does worse things every day. ‘Scandal-fatigue’ is a term that comes to mind.

    But then, talking about hypocrisy to republicans and alt-righters is useless because, secretly, they delight in these double standards and what their guy is getting away with.


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