All in the Day’s Work

Klara brought me my shoes (that look huge like boats next to her) and repeated “sioux! sioux!” until I put them on. 

Then she brought her shoes and again repeated “sioux! sioux!” (that’s the closest to how she pronounces it)  until I put them on her. 

Then she brought me her jacket and got me to put it on her. 

Then she went to the front door and tugged at it until I opened it and let her out. 

Outside she went to the gate we have around our mimosa tree and shook it until I took off the look she kept pointing at and gave it to her. 

She clutched the lock in her little hand, smiled, and said “Appey.” (Which means “happy.”)

Then she walked around clutching the lock and repeating “appey” for 20 minutes. And then she fell asleep. 


3 thoughts on “All in the Day’s Work”

  1. I love this. I found a bunch of old videos of Eldest from when he was under 2 yesterday and watched them with amazement. It’s so adorable when they’re learning how to talk and do things on their own. I had happy tears in my eyes yesterday. Enjoy!


      1. Kids are amazing. With Eldest, I remember that by age 3 (the language just explodes between 2 and 3) he was an excellent dinner companion; he and I would go to a restaurant and have dinner and talk about all sorts of things. Kids between 3 and 5 are fascinating — they have strong opinions about everything and are entirely unconcerned by bullshit, so they have no problem exposing illogical, harmful, or unethical behavior of others with remarkable bluntness. Little kids are humans at their best.


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