Tiny Wounds

The reason why the genre of “I’m so wounded by this tiny little thing that I’m about to die” is so popular is the same why Hunger Games is a bestseller and many well to do people in this culture enjoy fantasies of an impending apocalypse. This is simply a way for an opulent society to signal its opulence. 

Who is more likely to exclaim in front of others, “Oh God, I have absolutely nothing to wear!”, a rich person with an overflowing wardrobe or a person who lives in poverty and truly has nothing to wear? Who is more likely to say publicly, “I’m so broke!”, a person who just declared personal bankruptcy or a person who didn’t? Who’s more likely to say to her friends, “I’m so fat, I don’t know what to do”, somebody skinny or somebody really fat? Come to think of it, who’s more likely to say, “I’m completely out of ideas and don’t know how I will get anything published”, a person who does or doesn’t have this problem?

Enacting extreme hurt over something trivial is a way of signaling how easy amd great one’s life really is. 


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