Nnedi Okorafor asks on Facebook:

I need to understand this phenomenon: 

WHY do people tweet to and email me asking if they can find my books in Amazon??? Why can’t they just go to Amazon and check? What IS that all about???

They do it for the same reason you wrote this Facebook post, lady. They want attention. 

Writers are often very disappointing as people. 


4 thoughts on “Attention”

  1. I know Nnedi Okorafor pretty well, and I read this post when she posted it. She is not trying for attention here. She would like to get fewer emails, since checking them takes precious time from her insanely busy workday.


    1. It’s extraordinarily easy to avoid reading any comments online that you are not desperate to read. As for people who are into privacy, they aren’t active in social media and simply disallow comments from strangers if they are.


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