The New Economy 

This is what the new economy will be like: online platforms, apps, videoconferencing for pets. The recipe to success is unburdening oneself of attachments to anything tangible and moving all operations to the “space of flows.”

It’s neither good nor bad. It just is. 


One thought on “The New Economy ”

  1. This is a phenomenon (probably as much a media phenomenon as a business phenomenon) that I have taken to referring to as “cupcake entrepreneurship.” Basically, you could make a drinking game of every time the TV news runs some story about someone exiting the corporate ladder game or the job hunting game or whatever to become a self employed entrepreneur, and drinking every time the entreprise in question turns out to be yet another of those boutique cupcake places. But thanks for bringing this to my attention. When I think about it, if anything, boutique pet-related services are even more of a fad and more of cliché of “entrepreneurship is the cure for what ails employment” journalism. I remember it as far back as 20 years ago when a character on NBC series Providence (having one second prize in a cooking contest, the prize being a cooking school scholarship) went entrepreneur by opening a doggie snack shop. And I remember thinking even back then “doggie snack shop as go-into-business-for-yourself concept is so damn cliché.”


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