Sunday Link Encyclopedia 

A sad day: a new act of terror in the UK and Juan Goytisolo died in Marrakech.

Let’s see what other news the past week brought us. 

A great (if incomplete) summary of Trump’s pro-Russian activities. Unfortunately, the author choose the craziest medium to deliver her message. Who can read this kind of text? 

Here is a much better format for this crucial information

It’s beyond annoying how every dumb little starlet immediately screams sexism whenever anybody is not 100% welcoming to her money-making schemes

agree with Bob Basil that what’s happening in Evergreen is an absolute disgrace. This is what happens when you begin to treat students like customers and promote a consumerist vision of higher ed. I especially recommend the video of the head manager, aka the school’s president, allowing angry consumers, aka students, to throw tantrums in his face as he licks their consumerist shoes. 

completely deranged plan on how to “improve” secondary education. If you don’t have time to read the whole insane rant: this teacher thinks that the perfect school has students sitting in cubicles doing online exercises. 

1949 media diet: a fascinating experiment.

Trump’s meeting with religious leaders. It’s absolutely hilarious. 

brilliant response to Ted Cruz and Joyce Chaplin who are making idiots of themselves on Twitter. 

beautiful quote on hard work and knowledge

3 thoughts on “Sunday Link Encyclopedia 

  1. And then there was this

    Suspect Jeremy Christian yelled out during his arraignment in court Tuesday afternoon, shouting, “Free speech or die. Get out if you don’t like free speech … you call it terrorism, I call it patriotism …”

    This story will continue to be updated…..

    . He is described in court papers as becoming “loud and animated,” when he spoke about interference with free speech….

    “If you don’t like free speech get the (expletive) out of my country,” Christian told the interviewer while being asked about his mental health….

    Christian, known for extremist views on social media, is accused hurling racial and religious epithets at an Arab-American teen wearing a hijab and her African-American friend on the MAX train. Three good Samaritans intervened, trying to calm him down. Christian is accused of slashing all three men in the neck. The girls were able to escape the train without injuries.

    Rick Best, 53, an Army veteran of Happy Valley, died on the train. Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, 23, a recent Reed College graduate, died in the hospital. The third man, Micah David-Cole Fletcher, 21, was hospitalized with neck wounds, but has since been released.

    Of course the third man had a gofundme set up for health care expenses.


  2. RE: Evergreen State College
    I agree that this is what happens when you treat students as customers. But if a customer in a store began to yell and shout obscenities at the manager, then that customer would be asked/forced to leave the store, and rightly so. At Evergreen, however, the president is allowing the disruption to continue and to escalate. He needs to resign.


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