Comey in 1984

At night, many people are placed in pods where their memory is completely erased. Then they wake up and produce stuff like this:

Watching the Comey hearing was on the one hand heartening and the other completely infuriating. How wonderful to see a person genuinely stand up for what he believes in. James Comey comes off as a Boy Scout. 

Nothing else can explain such an easy acceptance of the narrative where Comey hands the election to Trump and then 15 minutes later begins to genuinely believe Trump is dangerous and records every word of this suddenly suspicious evildoer. It’s easy to pose as a wonderful, boyscoutish believer when you are surrounded by people who don’t remember anything that happened before today’s breakfast. 


3 thoughts on “Comey in 1984”

  1. “James Comey comes off as a Boy Scout.”

    Actually, he just comes off as a boy, a naif who’s been in government for years, but never learned the rules about how to deal with perceived misconduct by his superiors.

    He felt that Attorney General Loretta Lynch was covering for Hillary, so he goes on television to torpedo Hillary’s election bid???

    He felt that President Trump might lie, so he leaks a memo through an academic friend in order to trigger a Special Counsel???

    That’s definitely going by the book in those situations. Give him a merit badge.


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