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Days of Our Comeys 

OK, if you really want to laugh about the reception of the Days of Our Comeys soap, here is an FB post suggesting that Trump sexually harassed Comey. Or something. 

From a FB friend, but something I’m seeing echoed across the internet today: 

So much of the Comey-Trump drama will sound familiar to many women:

– a surprise one-on-one meeting when you thought other people would be there 

– being so stunned by inappropriate behavior that an otherwise powerful/outspoken/strong person fails to stand up to it on the spot

– trying to blend in with your surroundings in the false hopes of going unnoticed

– asking others not to leave you alone with a specific person

– having the veracity of your account questioned for no other reason than a delay in reporting it

– being retaliated against for refusing to do something that makes you uncomfortable

It’s almost as if sexual predation is about more than just sex, but hey, all those women were liars right?

I still think it will turn out that Trump is Comey’s secret father. Or maybe he’s pregnant with his baby. 


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One thought on “Days of Our Comeys 

  1. Trump has not enough pussies to grab, so he grab penises!


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