Jonathan talks about the importance of spending time on actually organizing your work. And he’s absolutely right. I can’t tell you how helpful it’s been to learn to start every writing project with a calculator in hand, figuring out what exactly I will write and when.

I remember this exhausting feeling of the utter futility of even trying to write unless I had a long, unbroken chunk of free time ahead of me. And now all I need is 30 minutes. Hell, even 15 minutes are enough time to rewrite a clumsy sentence, start a new one, work on connecting two paragraphs, break up a breathless sentence or merge two choppy ones. 


2 thoughts on “Organization ”

  1. Totally agree–I track the exact amount of time I spend on each project, which allows me to make a nice estimate for future projects, and thus actually complete them/not take on too many projects/have amazing insights due to mental clarity.


    1. I remember how when I first heard the question of how long it will take me to write an article, I thought it was crazy. I had no idea how I could know this in advance. Which is why I didn’t manage to produce that much.


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