Writing Process

Here is an interesting link on the writing process. It made me smile because I’m the exact opposite of this author. I grab my phone and scroll through my news feed the moment I wake up. My desk is chaotic and overflows with grocery receipts and unopened envelopes. I have a million windows opened at once. I interrupt my writing every 10 minutes to pay bills, check new Vine offerings, answer emails, buy diapers, read blogs. 

But I’m also the most organized person in the world. I print out my syllabi and arrange them in neat piles 3 months before the beginning of the semester. I write my conference talks months in advance. I have never in my life asked for an extended deadline with any of the publishers or my committee. 

My mind creates ideas out of a complete chaos. But I contain the chaos with the steely organization routines. 

It’s neither better nor worse than what the linked writer does. It’s just me. 


3 thoughts on “Writing Process”

  1. I think that piece was written sarcastically.

    But yes, I am also ridiculously detail-oriented about my job, even though external markers of productivity (e.g., a clean desk, apparently) are definitely not there. The chaos in my work environment (or my head, for that matter) doesn’t bother me at all; it’s necessary for both creativity and focus.

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