So I read this article about the post-election Hillary Clinton in a strange little magazine called New York. Two things in particular attracted my attention. The first is the tiresome idea that everybody who says that it’s time for Hillary to leave public life is a sexist. One would think that the results of the last election would teach people not to substitute analysis with the chant of “racist and sexist.” 

Another thing is that Huma Abedin is still hovering all over Clinton. Which, to me, is mind-boggling. 

The whole article left a nasty aftertaste. 

But I also read a very good piece in the same magazine which suggests that the most promising strategy Democrats could use right now is to pedal the healthcare issue and talk about the horrible AHCA. I believe it’s true that this issue is a winner together with the words “a tax cut for the ultra rich.” This will sound like a very tiny thing, but I tried this line on the neighbor who’s a Trump supporter and it had an effect. 


13 thoughts on “Post-election ”

  1. “But I also read a very good piece in the same magazine which suggests that the most promising strategy Democrats could use right now is to pedal the healthcare issue and talk about the horrible AHCA. ”

    Underlying this statement is the assumption that the Democratic Party wants to win. They can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, you know. AHCA is the burning issue of our time, and it has invigorated the masses (remember all those townhall meetings with angry constituents?). But will the democratic party listen?


    1. God, forget the dumb Russian sanctions. Nobody is going to the polls over the Russian sanctions. AHCA is the winning issue. How blind does one have have to be not to see It? It fires people up for real.


      1. My Democratic senator’s lines were busy. When I got through the aide said the lines were very busy on this exact issue.
        My Republican senator’s aide seemed bored. She wanted my name and district and claimed the health legislative aide was busy and not taking calls. When I asked for her last name she said, “I’m not at liberty to give that out.” LMAO. She really wanted to get me off the phone.
        I was not in the least emotional or contentious.


  2. Get to the phones, they’ll try to ram this TrumpCare through

    And, if this Trump supporter cared about “tax cuts for the ultra rich” why the fuck did she vote for Trump? or Republican? Any idiot with a brain stem knew that’s exactly what the fuck he was going to do once he got in office, rubber stamp some piece of shit so he could “repeal ObamaCare”
    Did she promise to yell at the Senate by calling her Senators or writing them? Did she call her stupid rep in the House? If not, her “tax cut for the ultra rich” dismay is useless, utterly useless.

    Call 202-221-3121. Ask for the health legislative assistants. Who cares if they’re Democrats,let them know. I’m calling my useless fucking Senators, both Nelson and that thirsty lackwit Rubio and my throat doesn’t actually work right now.


  3. I have found some of the Hillary backlash to be sexist. Mind, I think she should never run for public office again and support her (and others) fading into the background some to make way for fresh faces, but I’ve seen some people angry that she started a fundraising group for congressional races. Why? It’s behind the scenes work and she’ll get us money. I never saw this weird expectation that you should just crawl in a hole and die for other presidential losers.

    And I 100% agree on the AHCA. Polling shows that lower income Trump supporters aren’t big fans of it. And I know it’s not popular in Ohio; we’ve benefited from the Medicaid expansion and we don’t want to lose that.


    1. What happened when you called Senator Portman’s office and asked for the health legislative assistant, Sarah Schmidt?


      1. I called and left my thoughts, but I didn’t know there was anybody specific I should be asking for! I just talked to whoever picked up the phone.


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