Corbyn = Trump

This demographic doesn’t care that Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t look like a conventional politician (they like it), or about things he did before they were even born. They just want the constant tension that pervades their lives – the tension that comes with having virtually no financial security – to be lifted.

And how exactly is he going to do that? By bringing in more refugees who, by any measure, need more help than 25-year-olds in 2-year unpaid internships? By straining the damaged welfare net even more? By reversing Brexit and thus removing even this sad little defense against fluidity?

How can you save the nation-state certainties by eroding the nation-state?

This is why I’m saying that Corbyn is the British equivalent of Trump. They both exploit the anxiety born of fluidity to rise to power and promote even more fluidity. Forget rhetoric and TV-friendly special effects. Look at the results. 


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