The Dirty Work of Liquid Capital

These poor dumbfucks:


10 thoughts on “The Dirty Work of Liquid Capital”

  1. Ah, mais the right is the enemy but conservatism-liberalism is the problem, and it is the socialists who brought the weekend, the 8-hour day, etc.


    1. Those who brought it are long gone. And they wouldn’t have been able to do it without the nation-state framework. Which their descendants are now pissing on.


      1. But the idea always was to be internationalist. I am the one with nostalgia for the nation-state but my consciousness is not full-on left-wing


        1. Who is going to guarantee an 8-hour workday, the weekend, the comprehensive secondary education, etc if there’s no strong national government to do that? It’s like libertarianism whose adepts believe they will all be able to hire private armies to defend them if there’s no state to do that.


  2. Well, I’m definitely more on the leftist side…. but the idea that hate speech is violence (and the implication that it should be prohibited) is just dumb. Just think of how many people in power would consider the leftist position that capitalism must be destroyed to be a type of hate speech against the rich and the ruling class.

    Also, patriotism (and what goes with it–flags, the pledge of allegiance, etc.) is a really silly idea that makes no logical sense to me.


    1. There’s no nation-state without patriotism. And no welfare protections or comprehensive secondary education without the nation-state. It’s silly alright but it gave us all these great things. They might be worth a little silliness.


  3. A fairly accurate list, except that liberals are “center-left.” They aren’t intelligent enough to be center-right.


      1. Someone on my facebook posted it unironically 😞 Someone I like too, although people as young as him are bound to have stupid political opinions.

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