Cedar-grilled Salmon & Asparagus


I don’t know why I’m posting food all day today but this cedar-grilled salmon was delicious.




Does anybody know if these planks are reusable? The packaging doesn’t say.

N says this salmon changed his whole worldview.


4 thoughts on “Cedar-grilled Salmon & Asparagus”

  1. Some people clean and reuse wooden cooking boards a few times before tossing them, but as a doctor I don’t recommend the practice. The wood absorbs moisture and bacteria every time anything is cooked on it.


  2. If, after washing it and wiping down, you put it in sunlight for 8 or so hours, the UV radiation will effectively sterilize the board.


    After each use, or even as needed, the shelves and boards need to be cleaned. The number one rule here is no detergents or cleaners. Wood is very absorbent and will take on the scents and detergen. This is not what you want in your cheese.

    Most of the cheese makers Jim visits use only hot water and a good brush to remove the surface debris. Some of the larger operations can also afford high pressure washing systems or even specialized automated wash and brush systems.

    … and then Sanitize

    Once clean, we have to pay attention to any surface bacteria and molds that are hiding on the surface. Normal sanitizes are not good to use here, so what do we do? Mother Nature has the answer! What Jim has seen throughout Europe is stacks of boards drying in the sun. This is not just to remove the moisture but it is also pointed out that ‘Ol Sol’ has the ability to sanitize naturally with an abundance of UV. The UV will cut back the numbers of microbes on the board surface.

    And Cedar is wood used in cheese aging, which I did not know until tonight.

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