The Michelle Carter Case

The idea that one can make somebody kill themselves through text messages is insane. If some hysteric flipped and offed himself, it’s all on him, and not on whoever texted him. 

He could have always turned off his phone or blocked this particular sender, couldn’t he?

It’s like the idea of individual responsibility is totally dead. If we accept that this Michelle person is criminally liable, then we most certainly have to accept every “I was just following orders” excuse from every uniformed torturer, Nazi, etc. And that’s simply wrong. 


19 thoughts on “The Michelle Carter Case”

  1. You also have to admire the irony of people lamenting the high incarceration rates in america, yet calling for this woman to be charged with murder.

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  2. Off-topic did you hear about the interview that Megyn Kelly did with Putin? He ran circles around her stupid little ass.

    The last question Kelly asked Putin, which was not aired, was startling in its pandering. “We have been here in St. Petersburg for about a week now. And virtually every person we have met on the street says what they respect about you is they feel that you have returned dignity to Russia, that you’ve returned Russia to a place of respect. You’ve been in the leadership of this country for 17 years now. Has it taken any sort of personal toll on you?”


      1. Putin offered Comey political asylum, by the way. He just never quits.
        Was that serious or a troll? It almost doesn’t matter.


  3. Logical consistency doesn’t seem to be a component of public policy these days. However, this decision fits with the notion that if someone is considering suicide, you can talk them out of it, and that there is an obligation to do so or to inform someone who can do so. It’s the religious doctrine that suicide is evil written into law. And yes, it is law despite all notions of separation of church and state.


  4. I think Michelle Carter got terrible legal advice. She should have held out for a jury trial and then concocted some story about him sexually abusing and stalking her and calling her fat so she could claim that she was acting in self-defense.

    “I wanted him to kill himself…. because I knew that otherwise he would kill me!”

    What jury would convict her? If she played her cards right she could have been a rolling stone cover on sexual abuse.


        1. Well, you were probably being sarcastic, but false accusations are truly a horrible thing; you smear a person, destroy their reputation and, if caught, you undermine the struggle of those who were really victimized and have to defend themselves. It’s really one of the lowest, vilest, slimiest things one could do.
          “The calumny is a little wind…”

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          1. “false accusations are truly a horrible thing”

            Oh I agree I was just thinking what she or an unscrupulous lawyer could do given the legal system being the way it is (including not taking female crimes, including making false accusations, very seriously). There would be almost no potential downside if she were cuaght in the lie and a possible upside of being found not guilty.


  5. Given the age of the persons involved, I can’t help but wonder if bullying and how schools/communities choose to deal with this also has something to do with this. In a sense, the girl was ‘bullying’ the guy which automatically made her a criminal.


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