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Ukrainian Countryside Breakfast

Now that new potatoes have appeared, it’s time for a Ukrainian countryside breakfast. Note that there are no table knives because that would be super inauthentic. Bread is missing because I always forget about it. And we still have garlic scapes,  as you can see.



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7 thoughts on “Ukrainian Countryside Breakfast

  1. Yum, boiled new potatoes and egg and crunchy things, delicious! What are the things on the blue plate at the centre back which look like little cheese scones to my ignorant British eyes?


  2. Socal dendrite on said:

    Looks delicious and very civilized! In our house, breakfast usually consists of me trying to keep the kids from hurling Cheerios and milk all over the place 😉


  3. Socal dendrite on said:

    PS I looove new potatoes and butter. We used to get a kind call “Jersey Royal new potatoes” for just a few weeks each year and they were sublime!


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