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Oh Canada

The website tells me this post from 2 weeks ago never got published. This is weird. I wondered back then why nobody reacted. It’s not the first time that I think I publish a post and the wonder why nobody has anything to say only to discover that it never went through and got stuck in the drafts.

So you know Karla Homolka? Canada’s most notorious serial rapist/ murderer/ pedophile? She served a short prison term (for sexist reasons, of course, because the court bought her ridiculous argument that she raped and killed kids as a result of being a victim of something) during which she filmed her drunken orgies right in the prison cell and was soon released.

Immediately, she found some freak who was eager not only to marry a serial killer and a rapist of kids but who decided it would be a great idea to procreate with her. And obviously Homolka is all into procreating because hello, ready-made victims, yippee.

Last week, parents of children at one of Montreal’s schools discovered that Homolka was “volunteering” at the school. Of course, they were horrified and asked the school to stop letting a woman who gets off on torturing kids hang around their kids.

The Catholic school – oh yeah, when did Catholics not take the side of a pedophile? – refused and told the parents they should be more forgiving. There was a huge public outcry and the school reluctantly reconsidered. Now Homolka is free to go hunt for other kids.


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10 thoughts on “Oh Canada

  1. Shakti on said:

    I would pull my kids out and/or sue the living hell out of the school, in a group. Or does it not work that way in Canada?


    • It’s very hard to sue in Canada. Suing over civil matters is very discouraged. But yeah, imagine, the parents are actually paying for this education. It’s insane.


      • Shakti on said:

        If I want to volunteer at a museum, if children are anywhere on the premises, I have to go through a background check. If I want to volunteer at a shelter, they want to run my driver’s license to make sure I haven’t committed certain crimes.

        When a teacher at my high school was found with child porn on his computer, the school immediately fired him and sent a letter to everyone who had kids going to the school and anyone who ever went to the school. The fact that school takes the attitude of “oh no it’s ok!” just boggles me. These private schools charge more tuition and are constantly hitting up alumni for donations. “A Blah Blah Academy education imparts in its young people the skills, poise, humanistic attitudes that future leaders of the community and world need…Won’t you contribute XXXX?” If they take you off the mailing list, it’s because you’ve died. What are they even thinking?


        • I have no idea what kind of services she could have provided the school for them to be so eager to take her on and retain her.


          • ” what kind of services she could have provided the school ”

            She lets the administration feel good about themselves for being so tolerant and forgiving in the face of mistrust and intolerance. NEVER underestimate the power of helping people feel good about themselves.


  2. I think somebody at school dropped the ball and let her in without knowing who she was, or am I wrong? And then, after parents discovered and protested, somebody very foolish tried to present their security lapse as something done on purpose because of ‘forgiveness.’

    If somebody isn’t acquainted with Karla’s story, I found a great article here:

    The article makes an interesting observation:

    ” though Bernardo had a long history of committing rape, he never killed any of the women he sexually assaulted in Scarborough. The first murder occurred after he took up with Homolka, when the pair killed her sister. ”
    ” who actually did the killing remains a mystery. Bernardo insists that Homolka killed Mahaffy out of jealousy, while Homolka said… ”

    Clarissa, do you think genetics play a small role and their parents did something to create such monsters? Karla’s siblings did not become serial killers, though. Unsure what can be done to a normal at birth child to get such result.


    • I think that no matter what did or didn’t happen to her in her childhood, ultimately, she chose to rape and kill. Because she enjoyed it. I believe in personal responsibility above all. Nobody is responsible for this result but herself, even if her parents had been the most monstrous of monsters.


  3. \ The Catholic school – oh yeah, when did Catholics not take the side of a pedophile?

    Catholics aren’t alone in justifying horrors via religion, have just read this post about “Christian homes for wayward teens” :


  4. Dreidel on said:

    It’s a shame that Canada abolished hanging forty years ago.


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