Always Something 

Now Klara has hand, foot and mouth disease. I’ll never finish the darn article about Russian immigrants in the Spanish novel of the crisis. 


10 thoughts on “Always Something ”

  1. Ugh, I hope it is a mild version and that she feels better soon. I also hope you don’t catch it. Adults are not supposed to get it much, but I did (and worse than my kids!).


      1. That’s good news!
        HFM disease can come with very high fever. My middle kid had very high fever for 4-5 days with it, it was very scary; never had the rash, just the fever, and the characteristic white patches on the throat that we discovered at the doctor’s (which is how she diagnosed it).


        1. She had high fever but it was 10 days ago. And the little spots on her feet appeared today. I’m not sure how it can take this long between fever and spots.


          1. The previous fever could have been an unrelated illness that opened her immune system up to HFM. I hope she feels better!


  2. I remember my kids having it, not much fun and has a stupid name which makes some people think its a joke! Hope she’s better soon. x


    1. “Super safe packing and fast delivery. Great communication. Excellent seller.”

      Okay, now I’ve very glad I kept my joke about ‘hoof and mouth disease’ to myself….


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