Good News About Russians

The good news about the Russian meddling in US politics and their infiltration of American media is that we’ve seen the worst. They can’t do any more damage than they’ve done already. There’s no way but uphill from here. And even if we decide to stick at the current place for a while, there’s no downward trajectory. 

There isn’t much use talking about it now because what’s done is done. All there is right now is to be more vigilant with infected news sources. For instance, the Naked Capitalism website is still shilling for Putin openly and unrepentantly.

But once again, what we are seeing right now is the extent of Putin’s influence over the US politics and media. 


2 thoughts on “Good News About Russians”

  1. Bad news about Kiev? Have you heard what it’s about? See:

    Protests erupt in Kiev against renaming main street after SS officer

    Dozens of demonstrators were injured over the weekend in Kiev, Ukraine in violent protests against the decision of the city council to replace the name a main street to that of an officer who was one of organizers of an anti-Polish ethnic cleansing.

    The street was named after General Nikolai Vatutin, who liberated Kiev from the Nazis, but now it was decided that it would be named after Roman Shukhevych, an SS officer responsible for the massacre of tens of thousands of Jews.,7340,L-4978080,00.html


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