History Repeats

The UK’s political developments mimic the recent US history so closely that it’s like a bad joke. A gauche, uncharismatic woman who can’t say a word without annoying voters and a flamboyant Putinoid con artist who rides to power on a contrast between his cheap populism and her unvanquishable elitism. 


2 thoughts on “History Repeats”

  1. Not really. In the UK our problem is we have an uncharismatic, right-wing woman who narrowly won but feels like she lost, and an elderly, partially populist, left-wing man who narrowly lost but feels like he won. Neither of them are either charismatic or flamboyant – which may be another part of our problem.
    The US has gone with a charismatic, flamboyant infant which may be part of your problem, however it is at least a direction, of sorts, while the UK has no idea where it’s going at all. I only wish we did!


    1. Of course, the UK still hasn’t elected its Trump, so I’m hopeful. Our idiocy should at least serve as a lesson to the world.

      God, we are so dumb and I hate it.

      Ok, sorry, I feel better now.


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