Socially Awkward

I can’t get over how socially awkward people around here are. Today at the farmer market I saw a girl of about 11-12 years of age point to garlic scapes and ask what they were. The mother didn’t know. I did, though, and I told the girl that these were flowers that grew on garlic plants.

I swear to God, the mother and the daughter couldn’t have acted more scandalized had I said, instead, “Here are $2. I want to buy your daughter for purposes of sexual slavery and human trafficking.” I feel bad for people because it can’t be easy to go through life if you are so bad at sociability.


5 thoughts on “Socially Awkward”

  1. I’m not very sociable, and I don’t find anything wrong with what you did. It sounds like something I would do — and have done, especially at school where people tend to be fairly friendly. Do some people just not expect others to speak at all?

    On the other hand, is it true that garlic scapes taste just like garlic cloves when cooked? I would expect a slightly different flavor, personally, seeing as it’s a different part of the plant.


    1. I haven’t really cooked them. I put them in salads and eat them raw, but yes, it’s not exactly like garlic cloves. It’s a fresher, less pungent taste.


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