Octomom Update

Hey, folks, remember the Octomom? I wrote about her in the very first days of my blog. Here is a very warm and fuzzy update to her story


2 thoughts on “Octomom Update”

  1. I honestly like to see feel-good, “looks-like-a-happy-ending- after-all” articles like this. They make me feel good about people and life in general.

    But one can only hope that the such stories are realistic, and not based on naive assumptions about a transient fortunate spell in the lives of the people involved. The article doesn’t state how the ex-Octomom (now “Natalie”) plans to adequately support 14 children on the salary of a low-paying California mental health counselor for troubled women.

    California has recently passed a single-payer, “Medicare for all” law that in theory will provide substantial aid to families like Natalie’s (but the state hasn’t yet determined how it’s going to fund that huge expense). We’ll see how the California program actually works out.

    So I sincerely wish the ex-Octomom and her huge family well. But as a psychiatrist who has seen a lot of dysfuctional families fall apart under financial and other stresses, I wonder how well off this family will be a few years down the road — and how mentally stable and psychologically prepared for the burdens ahead the new “Natalie” actually is.


    1. Of course, this is worse than a normal family. For one, there is no Dad, which is already a huge trauma for the kids. But it’s better than what it was like 8 years ago. It’s important to compare a situation not to an unattainable and unrealistic ideal but to where this situation was previously and whether it’s gone up or down. This is definitely an upward trend.

      As for how she pays for it all, it’s obvious that this is a family that lives on charitable donations and did so from the start.


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