Intellectual Renewal Challenge, Week 3

A very simple but crucial assignment for this week: set aside 5 minutes each day to write or draw with your non-dominant hand. You will feel your brain literally screech and ramp up when you do it. 


2 thoughts on “Intellectual Renewal Challenge, Week 3”

  1. This should be interesting, as I can draw and write badly with my non dominant hand but five minutes will be strenuous.

    Week 2: It absolutely freaked out the people I was eating with, who kept trying to replace my small saucers with one plate.

    Week 1: The first week’s challenge was only weird for a couple of nights and then I got used to it. Of course, I went through some version of it two months ago when I slept in another room when my A/C went out. By staring at the wall instead of my dresser I realized two very obvious things I had not verbalized to myself.


    1. I had the weirdest dreams when I slept on the different side of the bed. Even weirder than usual.

      Another writing exercise is to write words upside down. It’s hard!


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