TSA vs Readers

The Transportation Security Administration is testing and plans to expand a program in which airline passengers will be asked to remove books from carry-on luggage.

So what, one can’t have a laptop, a Kindle and now not even a book on a plane? What are those of us with a functioning brain supposed to do on a flight? I understand we are a tiny minority but still. 


8 thoughts on “TSA vs Readers”

  1. I’m pretty sure they just mean remove them from your carry one bag during the scanning process, like you already do with laptops and such. So no worries, you’ll still get to read on the plane.

    The laptop ban for flights originating in Europe was only a ruse to get European countries to beaf up their security. I’ve heard that it worked. (The earlier ban for specific airports was to help American carriers out who can’t compete with middle eastern airlines on business class customers).

    Still almost entirely security theater though.


    1. It’s the principle of the thing, you know? Why should the government have access to my reading matter? It’s about civil rights. Like phone surveillance. I don’t make any suspicious phone calls but I still oppose governmental snooping.


  2. This is all bullshit.
    Remember when that guy packed his guns in his luggage, got on a plane, got his luggage off the luggage carousel, went to the bathroom, unpacked his bags and started shooting people in the airport? You don’t, because it was 6 months ago, the dude wasn’t an Islamic terrorist, and the gun lobby would scream in anger over the idea of making it illegal to pack guns in your suitcase.

    I have to decant my liquids into itty bitty containers or buy them at a huge markup, take off my shoes in the airport, and get irradiated with god knows what, and take out my books from my carryon because it’s a “security risk”, but some fucking gun nuts get to carry their AK-47s in their suitcases to win their war against deer. And all the while all these stupid bovine thundertwits will exclaim that it’s for “safety.” What is this crap? If they’re going to biometrically scan people’s eyeballs and fingerprint them (USA VISIT, shouldn’t their stupid machines be able to tell the difference between a book and a laptop or something actually dangerous?


      1. “We need to see Shakti furious more often; these insults are pure poetry!”

        • Hear, hear! 🙂 I’m sure the TSA will give us many more chances to do that.


  3. If I want to signal my opposition to them, I suppose I should carry a book by a Ukrainian opponent of Russian meddling. Any suggested titles/authors?


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