One of my syllabi is so outdated that it had the word “diskette” in it.

Remember floppy disks, folks? Good times.


7 thoughts on “Diskette”

  1. I remember the little floppies, but not the floppy ones. And VHS and cassette tapes — I still have a little ottoman somewhere around my room. And yet a lot of people think my generation doesn’t remember any of this, which is odd.


  2. Yes, I can remember both types of floppy. (And as a kid having to learn that the “floppy” part referred to the disk inside the casing not the outer casing itself, when the 3.5″ types with the hard outer casing started appearing. And then finding out that said type was not a creation of the ’90s but

    I also remember that by the early part of the new century I was using these things even though it was painfully obvious they were not up to the task of the kind of things we expect computers to do in this day and age. If all we wanted was to store simple word processed documents, it would be fine, but just try adding in scanned images for your assignment and have to learn every trick in the book for squeezing them down to a file size considerably less than 1.44MB, or perhaps you want to transfer digital photos from one machine to another and basically find you can’t do it that way. Burning a CD is useless for the former as the CD format wasn’t meant for easy reading and writing of data. Thankfully there came along the USB memory stick… about 2-5 years after I could have done with it.


    1. I meant by that first paragraph to say that 3.5″ floppies did not originate in the ’90s, when I first saw them, but have been around since the mid-’80s. Of course my formative experience with computers was with machines at school first created in 1981 (BBC Micro) and one at home created in 1978 (Apple II Plus).


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