Weird People

I just received a large package from an organization called “Take Control of Your Diabetes” addressed to the former owner of our house. We’ve owned it for over 3 years, by the way. Three years! And he still hasn’t managed to find a way to redirect his diabetes supplies to his new address?

Now I get to schlep the box all the way to campus again to give it to him. This has been going on for years, folks. It’s not cute any more. And yes, of course, I told him to redirect, why does everybody ask me that? 

I’ve stopped passing along the magazines and the envelopes that look like promotional lit but I can’t not pass along diabetes supplies. A week doesn’t go by without me getting something in the mail for these people.


15 thoughts on “Weird People”

  1. You are making it very easy for the former owner to continue on like this. If they’ve been okay with this arrangement for this long, that means there’s enough slack in their schedule that mild disturbances in delivery times will not affect their health terribly much.

    You could simply set aside all their stuff and tell them they can come pick it up. That’s showing enough consideration for their needs without turning yourself into cargo camel, right?

    Or is this relationship important in some other way? From what I know of you, you’re not typically someone who would do other people’s errands for three years straight.


    1. He’s the Dean at my school. I report to him directly on one of my assignments, for instance. So there’s that.

      Yes, I could definitely have them over here to pick the stuff up. The really creepy thing is that I think it’s exactly what they want. They have a very profound attachment to the place and I fear it’s their goal to come in here and hang around.


      1. Unless you use your weekly schlep to deliver his misdirected diabetes supplies to bend his ear about administrative stuff regarding the union or the department, I’d tell him to redirect his mail too. There is no way he’s actually getting his primary care supplies from this organization (or it’s not that bad.) My father once forgot his insulin on a trip and he spent the layover trying to call a pharmacy, getting relatives to pick up the medication and bring it to him. Insurance will not replace medication if it’s before the time for refill.

        Is the Dean your age?


  2. Simpler, y0u can refuse to accept delivery. You didn’t say whether this was coming via USPS or some other carrier. If USPS, you can write “doesn’t live here” on the item and leave it for the letter carrier to pick up, or you can go to the local post office and talk to the postmaster. They should have filed a change of address form with USPS when they moved. If UPS or FedEx, you can call them and they will retrieve the package. No mess, and no need to talk to these people.


    1. “They should have filed a change of address form with USPS when they moved”

      Yes. This. It’s one form that takes all of two minutes or so to fill out.

      I’d get the form (surely available online now) and bring it with me and wait over him while he fills it out. Problem solved!


  3. Your dean is being irresponsible with his medical supplies, and you’re enabling him. It’s his obligation to notify EVERYONE that he receives mail from when he changes a mailing address, unless he no longer wants contact from them.

    Thousands of military families do that every few years when they move to new location assignments, and there’s no reason someone smart enough to be a university dean can’t do it once.

    If you refuse the package from the UPS once, future misaddressed packages will either go into a dead-letter office or, if they have a proper return address, be returned to the sender.

    How you deal with this is up to you, of course — but for whatever reason, your dean is “playing” you.


        1. “Why not?”

          Because the dean’s personal at-home problems aren’t university business. Does his secretary go home to his house and help him shave and tie his shoes, like the “Guardian Angels” (hired-help care-givers) that you see advertised on U.S. television???

          Most secretaries nowadays balk at even making coffee in the office!


  4. This is bizarre! You’d think something as important as diabetic supplies would be top a list of priorities to re-direct. He’s definitely taking advantage of your good nature, for whatever reason.

    In the UK we have a department in the mail which deals with wrongly addressed items, maybe you could re-address them to the University and give back to the mail person to re-deliver.

    Talking to his secretary might also work, if you know the secretary. Otherwise just stop accepting the parcels. I would, dean or no dean!


  5. When someone moves it’s like “the world’s never heard of such a concept”.
    I had to move twice within a two-year time frame one time, and had to make no less than three attempts each with four agencies before they finally “figured out” I was living at a different address.

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    1. When my sister bought a house , the bank that had her mortgage kept sending her statements to the old address and not to the house that they financed for her. It’s deranged.


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