Intellectual Renewal Challenge: Week IV

This week we will set aside 3 whole days when we won’t buy anything. This isn’t about saving money but about coming up with ingenious ways to solve problems and do things. I’ve done this before, and it’s quite invigorating to come up with alternative solutions to whipping out the cards. I will take all the cards out of my phone cover for the challenge and uninstall the Amazon app for the 3 challenge days. 


8 thoughts on “Intellectual Renewal Challenge: Week IV”

  1. It’s probably because I basically live the erratic lifestyle of a student still, but so far I complete these challenges just through my, um, regular, ah, routine. Can’t say I get intellectual renewal from it so much as constant low-grade anxiety.

    Think I’ll just do what the assumed default is for my challenges instead. 😀


  2. Does food and gas count for the purposes of this intellectual challenge?

    For last week’s challenge: underlining was ok ( I guess it’s in between drawing and writing because I used all of the highlighters). Writing anything other than my name was a trial. Circles and faces were fairly easy though less skilled. Upside down letters, forget it! I now wonder if I’ve discovered the handwriting of the closet lefties in my family, because all caps is immeasurably easier than cursive or print.

    For some strange reason my brother and I are the only left handers on both sides of the family.


    1. It’s really fun to come up with ways to turn what one already has at home into dishes.

      As for gas, of course, it will be an unavoidable purchase for people who have to drive a lot. I drive 6 weeks on a single tank, so it’s easy for me.


    2. I have three boys; the oldest and the youngest are lefties and they are both very kind and mellow kids; the middle one is a rightie and is much more feisty and stubborn than his brothers. Neither DH nor I are lefties; as for our parents, it’s hard to say, as people used to be forced to use their right hand no matter what. There is some indication that my dad was a leftie.


      1. I suspect I might have been a biological leftie who was retrained for right-handedness. We were all retrained back in the USSR because it was considered, for some deranged reason, that it’s bad to be a leftie and all lefties are retarded. (Which, of course, is completely nuts.)


        1. I think the retraining was a ubiquitous practice until only a few decades ago. I had a friend in college who had a really bad stutter as a result of the retraining trauma.


  3. “my brother and I are the only left handers on both sides of the family.”

    Congratulations — two wise people in a village of idiots!


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