The Only Thing Worse Than the Right

Is, of course, the Left. A section of the NYC Pride condemned the Ukrainian government (the one that defends the rights of gays and recently held Ukraine’s first Pride) and glorified the Russian government (the one that encourages the murder of gays in Chechnya, tolerates the concentration camps for gays and legalized persecution of gays on the entire territory of Russia).

In case you don’t know, the striped orange-brown bow is the symbol of Russian military effort around the world. “The resistance”, of course, refers to the Chechen soldiers who fight Ukrainians in the Donbass. The same ones that have murdered tens of thousands of gays just this year. 

More photos of these little losers can be found here


21 thoughts on “The Only Thing Worse Than the Right”

    1. I don’t think they are ignorant. They simply don’t care. The slaughter of Russia’s gays has been going on for months. But have we seen any solidarity on the part of the Western LGBT? No, not a whit. I don’t think they care.


    1. The orange-brown bow is the symbol of Russian military aggression. It’s been outlawed in Ukraine because too many people have been killed recently for this thing.


  1. Don’t you get it Clarissa? Any government that the Left doesn’t like that supports gay rights is just cynically practicing PINKWASHING.

    That’s a real term, usually employed against Israel by groups like “Queers for Palestine” (and yes, that’s a real organization).


      1. “why do they like the Russian government more than the Ukrainian? There’s got to be a reason, right?”

        The same reason ALL lefty groups take the same side in any international conflict. They ALWAYS choose the side that they perceive as “revolutionary, anti-Western, anti-imperialist, supposedly pro-oppressed little people” — invariably, the side that hates American/Western European democratic values.

        You want a dozen examples of this? Read “The Nation” magazine for a couple of issues.


        1. But how can anybody perceive Russia as any of this? They are openly neoliberal and proudly imperialist. It’s obvious that compared to them, Ukraine is the little guy.


          1. You’re really being dense today, Clarissa! Don’t you know that the Communists have always been for the little people? You don’t remember how they liberated women after the Russian Revolution by allowing them to sweep the streets just like the men? Why they give their countries names like “The PEOPLE’s Democratic Republic of…”? If the Ukrainians were the “little guy,” nobody would be calling them “Fascists.”

            The actual formula used by the brain-dead Left is VERY simple: If one side in a conflict favors American/Western European (read “white colonialist oppressor”) values, then the OTHER side is always right.


            1. Putin bragged that killing Syrians provides a lot of “free military practice.” Yesterday a video was released of Russians in Syria torturing some poor Syrian schmuck and laughing. And that’s what these folks support? I will never understand this. During the Soviet era, at least they could claim they didn’t know. But now it’s not even that. A black woman holds a sign in support of a military that kills dark-skinned people for practice. I’m definitely too dumb to understand.


            2. You keep overthinking this issue.

              It DOESN’T MATTER to imbeciles like that black woman what Putin, or the North Koreans, or the Palestinians do or believe. She doesn’t know, and she doesn’t care!

              Groups like hers aren’t driven by any real concern for the causes they claim to support — they’re simply displaying a vicious hatred toward their own country and the free societies that tolerate their idiocy.

              That’s the beginning and the end of their mindset, period. You might as well try to understand the thought processes of a schizophrenic.


  2. I think there is a reason Clarissa can’t just drop the question of why this woman does this, and why “It’s black-and-white thinking where US is the perpetrator of all evils”, while probably true, is an insufficient answer.

    There is a genuine concern for the future of Ukraine, and for getting respect and acknowledgement that what they are trying to do is worthwhile. “There’s nothing we can do with these people” is a perfectly sufficient answer when you just want to minimize your personal contact with smug superiority, but not when the actual goal is somehow getting the political left to consistently support its own ideals abroad.

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  3. Agree with Dreidel. Clarissa, it’s not “something mental.” It’s simply America First (and Middle and Last) approach.

    Russia = Putin = anti-American = Good

    Ukraine = ? = pro-Western, pro-American = Bad


    1. Incredible. Can it truly be that? I had no idea national identity could trump every other identity. For me, if the Ukrainian government starts persecuting gays, I start being anti- Ukrainian. And I’m not even gay. This would be a definite deal breaker For any of my nationalism.


      1. \ I had no idea national identity could trump every other identity.

        Why? People kill and die because of nationalism; you’ve written about it extensively on this very blog.Risking your only life and/or being ready to kill is much more significant than saying a couple of meaningless words about some people in a faraway country with zero connection to one’s life. Have those students interacted with Russians or Ukrainians once in their lives? I think not, so both of the latter are not real people/s for the protesters; they are slogans useful for signalling about something that is important and relevant for the students.

        At least, Ukrainians won’t get hurt because of those protests and Russians won’t gain anything, which can’t be said when such people choose Israel as the scapegoat for everything wrong in the entire Middle East.

        As for ” if the Ukrainian government starts persecuting gays, I start being anti- Ukrainian.” Being against policies of a government differs from being anti-nation state for the Ukrainian people.

        Germans have gone completely and collectively insane in WW2, and look where they are now. From my pov, as long as Israel exists as a nation state for the Jewish people, there is hope for my people, even if we make some bad decisions on the way (hopefully, not on any level close to German) and even if many things in Israel don’t look the way I would like them to.


        1. I think they have to have interacted with somebody. They had to be propagandized somewhere, otherwise it’s too random. Probably online. Or on campus, since they are probably students.


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