Q&A about Psychoanalysis 

I got some questions about psychoanalysis in the mail and I want to answer them here. 

Is it a good idea to record the sessions to listen to them afterwards?

No. Because your memory of what you think transpired during the session is one of the most important therapeutic tools. 

How should I prepare for the sessions?

You shouldn’t. The whole point is to weaken the control of your consciousness and release everything that is kept locked in by your constant thinking and overthinking. I found it useful to start a sentence without knowing how they would end. If I begin with, “I feel that. . .” and then just let the words find me, some really surprising shit comes out. 

What I get blocked and there is a long uncomfortable pause?

Consider yourself super lucky because those uncomfortable silences is when most of the work happens. I can’t take a pause to save my life, and that’s not great for the process. 


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