Request Time

July is usually the month with the smallest readership on the blog. Only the staunchest readers remain in the vacation month before the reader explosion in August. 

To do something nice to my most loyal readers this July, I take requests. What would you, folks, like me to write about?


21 thoughts on “Request Time”

  1. Potato dishes, summer cooking/eating with all the fresh vegetables – I’m always interested to learn about your eastern European take on food, and dacha gardens seem like a potential treasure trove of tasty things to eat…

    (for a break from the psychoanalysis! Although food is highly analysable…)


  2. Have you written everything you wanted to say about nation states, liquidity and neoliberalism?

    I see you’re reading books about neoliberalism and globalization; would love to hear interesting new ideas and your take on them.

    I am still unsure I really understand what neoliberalism is. wiki talks about economic theories and that “as an ideology, it denotes a conception of freedom as an overarching social value associated with reducing state functions to those of a minimal state.” You talked about private taking over the public (bad paraphrase of mine) and bringing real change via politics becoming harder. Is there one academic definition of the term?


    1. I just started writing my third book, so now, I haven’t said nearly enough. 😁😁😁 I’m not ready to say what the book is about yet because it’s a crazy idea but the sources on neoliberalism I’m reading are for this project.


  3. I really enjoy your posts on work habits and productivity. I’ll also second the request for more posts on psychoanalysis and psychological insights into people’s behavior.


  4. I think all of my favorite topics have been covered. Psychoanalysis, nation state and fluidity and baby Klara stories! I think I might have more concrete questions about psychoanalysis. I’ll come back and post when I can articulate them better. 🙂


  5. My favorite topics of yours are stories about academia and graduate school, psychoanalysis, and anything about the books, authors and thinkers you really like.


  6. I love hearing your USSR stories and your perspective on Putin and all things Russian. Generally speaking, I often will read something in the news and then pop over to your blog to see if you’ve written about it, too. You always have a different perspective about what’s going on in our political world, and I appreciate having that perspective. Maybe it bores you to death to talk about the above, but I love reading what you have to say!

    I also love your Klara stories! She sounds like an absolute joy!


  7. Keep telling the Democrats what pathetic idiots they are in their so-called “resistance” to Trump, running around like frenzied rats snapping impotently at the toes of a gorilla. It’s always refreshing read the truth on a progressive website.

    Oh, and more Klara pictures, definitely.


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