Im extremely puzzled by this:

People, please don’t pour any more grease down the sink. Really, is it so hard to tilt the fry pan and dribble the stuff with its meaty little chunks into an empty container and freeze it so you can throw it away? Or pour it over the dog food? Because let me tell you what happens when we all dump sticky stuff down the drain, night after night, meal after meal.

Where do people get so much grease that it’s actually pourable? And especially, how do they manage to produce it every night and after every meal? Also, are these, by any chance, the same people who believe that getting overweight is “genetic” and there’s nothing one can do to control it? 

I saw on TV a consumer product (aimed not at restaurants but individual consumers) that was predicated on people generating a lot of pourable grease at home. So fatbergs are definitely a thing. Before my current health issues, I used to be a “ton of carbs and meat at every meal” person but I never managed to generate grease. How do people do it?


5 thoughts on “Fatbergs”

  1. I always wind up with a bunch of extra grease when I make bacon. But I don’t do that often enough to justify a special kitchen gadget. I think it can also happen with very fatty versions of sausage and hamburger, but I have a bit of an aversion to ground meats and avold cooking them.


    1. My very southern grandmother saved all of her bacon grease for cooking vegetables and other fried things. Corn cakes fried in bacon fat are a fond memory from my childhood. I used to save my grease for later, but I don’t really do southern cooking that much and I would wind up with containers of bacon grease sitting in my refrigerator forever. I just throw it away now. My grandmother would not approve.


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