Solution to Fatbergs 

Reader TomW says fatbergs are a result of cooking bacon. Just in case there are folks who don’t know, here’s a way to cook bacon without ending up with a cup of grease. 

Layer 3-4 paper towels on a plate. Put your strips of bacon on them.

Layer 3-4 paper towels on top. Press the whole thing down non-agressively.

Stick the plate in the microwave and cook on high until desired crispness. About 7 minutes, as I remember. 

All the grease will go into the paper towels.

I’ll never eat bacon again but I’m happy for those who can.


7 thoughts on “Solution to Fatbergs ”

  1. I hate microwaved bacon, the texture is always funny. I only make bacon at home a few times a year and then I always buy the thick cut bacon and bake it on a baking sheet in the oven. It turns out beautifully that way. I just let the grease cool down in the pan and then put it into the garbage. Tasty bacon and not fatbergs in my pipes.


    1. I never tried making it in the oven. Didn’t know it was an option. It’s a shame because now I won’t get a chance to find out what it’s like.

      I now feel very existential.


      1. Would it never be an option as a rare treat? Or are you the sort of person who finds it easier to avoid something entirely rather than making it a rare thing. I’m that way with baked goods and chocolate, it’s easier for me to never eat chocolate at all than it is to have a small piece every now and again.


        1. That’s precisely it. I don’t understand the concept of eating one piece of candy, smoking one cigarette, or taking one cookie. I’m an addictive personality , so it’s all or nothing. Unfortunately.


  2. This is making me jones out for some bacon, which is not easy to get in Poland. Bacon is usuall not eaten in thin strips here but rather added (like seasoning) to other dishes. It’s usually sold in big blocks that are already cooked (steamed).

    Sometimes stores have western style bacon but it’s not a sure thing and sometimes it doesn’t cook right (I’m a purist, it needs to be fried in its own fat till its stiff and crispy).

    A few weeks ago I started craving a club sandwich (never a huge favorite of mine, but that’s how odd cravings work) and getting all the ingredients together (including the right type of white bread) is going to be a hassle but it’s my current food goal….


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