Addendum to Fatbergs

Another thing I don’t get from the previous link is why people throw baby wipes into the toilet. I’m not speaking on the moralistic grounds but strictly in practical terms. 

A toilet is pretty much the most uncomfortable place to change a baby. Even a garage is better for the purpose. How do people end up next to commodes with babies needing a change? Or do they walk to the toilet clutching a soiled baby wipes after a change? And what does the baby do in the meanwhile? Just stay on the changing table waiting? That’s one strange baby. 

Or do folks need baby wipes for themselves because they get hemorroides after guzzling all that greasy food?

It’s like I discovered an alternative universe where people live in a way that’s  radically different than mine.


4 thoughts on “Addendum to Fatbergs”

  1. I believe that there was a trend around 2005 of adults using baby wipes instead of toilet paper. Some adults were militant about how much better it was.


  2. Wipes are useful when you’re potty training kids. Then it’s very likely they’ll end up near a toilet.


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