Eternal Childhood

A daycare opened in Montreal last month. $80 a day, $120 a day on weekends.  Play mats, games, drawings, kids’ favorite foods, group play. Nothing special, except for the fact that it’s for adults, and in particular, for corporate employees who want to feel like kids again and improve their team-building skills. 

No, really.

Not surprisingly, the adult daycare was created by a Ukrainian woman (i.e. massive childhood traumas). The perfect graduation gift for those few who do age out of this daycare eventually must be one of those books on “adulting.” 

It’s like you live your life blissfully unaware of how much crazy is out there. But hey, what do I know? I was too mature for daycare even at the age of 5. I was all like, “No, I don’t want to do nyam-nyam or go sleepy-bye. I want to sit here and read my Goethe in peace, thank you very much.” I fully anticipate being tortured with play mats and kiddie foods in hell. But clearly, one person’s hell is another’s $80-a-day relaxing hobby.


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