Radish Drama

I love radishes. But as I explained before, with me it’s never about buying a single bunch. I need to buy 5, 6 bunches and not have to count the radishes to make sure I have enough to carry me over until the next trip to the store. 

I don’t normally look at the price of radishes because how much can a bunch cost that I really can’t afford it? This is why I almost grabbed a stack of bunches at the store here in Florida. 

And then my brain registered something wrong and made me stop. I looked at the label and almost gagged. They were $6 a bunch. Because they are organic or something. I came out of my holiday stupor and realized that everything at that store was organically overpriced. Obviously, I didn’t buy these ridiculous radishes. And now I feel deprived. 


4 thoughts on “Radish Drama”

    1. I tried growing some a couple of years ago. I decided the best idea,was to keep them in the ground for as long as I could. So I planted in May and went to gather in October. Obviously, there wasn’t much to gather by that time. 😃😃😃


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