Criminal Hub

Our town’s hub of criminality is located right around  Klara’s daycare. All of the well-to-do people have their kids there, and they always leave their expensive cars unlocked when they run into the daycare to fetch their kids. So we constantly get notified that a parent’s Louis Vuitton tote or Celine handbag has been stolen from the car. 

We are also the most ethnically diverse daycare BY FAR in the area. And everybody understands my accent because so many of the parents have accents. 

Also, a bunch of kids are brought to daycare by blue-collar dads in their work vans. So it’s not all doctors and lawyers, far from it. 

I don’t care about any of it, though: the rich people, LV and Miu Miu, the diversity, the dads in vans. I’m obsessed with the daycare being located in the woods and very far from highways. My Klara sleeps so well because she’s constantly outside, and that’s what I care about. 


4 thoughts on “Criminal Hub”

  1. I like your focus, but I wonder about some of the other parents. Why would you leave your car unlocked if you know stuff is getting taken? What’s it take to push a button on the remote to lock the car and set the alarm? Logic says one leaves the car unlocked in order to collect on insurance. Either that or rich people are airheads. Not sure which hypothesis sounds better.


    1. I know! This happens about once a month and the school informs everybody immediately, begging us to lock doors. But people still do it.

      I haven’t considered the insurance angle but it’s possible. There’s got to be a reason people behave so irrationally. I understand that they dont want to turn the A.C. off but really?


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