Structures of Feeling 

Bigger government handouts won’t win working-class voters back. This is the fallacy of the left, believing that voters just need to be shown how much they are getting in government benefits. 

This is worded in an extraordinarily obnoxious way, I know. But it’s a valuable quote because it points to a gaping hole at the center of Liberal and especially progressive thinking today, namely, it’s failure to put in place convincing, positive, inspiring “structures of feeling” 🚾. 

I’m happy that Illinois finally has a budget and my university will be funded. But what really inspires me and makes me feel elated is not the money but seeing how Madigan’s Democrats didn’t moan, didn’t whine, didn’t complain about “racism and sexism” 🚾, didn’t back down, and didn’t wallow in cheap moral superiority in lieu of doing the work. 

I’m tired of hearing about which one of us a bigger victim of “structural oppressions.” I want to hear how we are all, together, jointly and separately, unvanquishable. I want us to go back to “Yes, we can” and “Yes, you totally can” from “No, we can’t because racism/ sexism / global warming/ gerrymandering.” 


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