Hot Pink

I know somebody who was accused of sexual harassment and subjected to a humiliating “hearing” because to the question of “Which of these post-its do you want?” she (yes, she) responded, “I like the hot pink ones.” Good thing it’s a she. A he might be out of a job as a result. 


31 thoughts on “Hot Pink”

    1. \ Sexual harassment against who?

      I think this phrase means “anything even vaguely reminding of sex in the workplace” which suits a country founded by Puritans. You show prudishness the door, but it returns via a window. 🙂

      Did a man ask this woman about post-its? Then she was harassing him, supposedly.

      I don’t think they would hold “hearing” because of a conversation between two women.


  1. Unsure whether it’s connected, but it looks like the beginnings of child abuse to me:

    \ Canadian Baby Given “Unknown” As A Gender On ID Card

    A baby in Canada is believed to be the world’s first to be not designated a gender due to a parent’s request. Baby Searyl Atli was born in November to Kori Doty, who identifies as “non-binary” and does not identify as male or female (and prefers the pronoun “they”). Doty does not want a gender to ever be listed on their child’s birth certificate or identification documents, and while British Columbia has so far refused to issue a birth certificate sans gender, the government did issue a state health card for Searyl with a “U” as the gender. Without this card, Searyl could not see a doctor.

    Doty wants Searyl to eventually decide on his/her own gender, and believes that assigning a gender to an infant at birth is a human rights violation.

    I think I sound like a homophobe now, but I do believe Kori Doty has a few mental issues which “they” project on their child. Some homophobes say children raised in gay families will be gay too and are therefore against adoption to single sex families; I think it’s a complete nonsense. However, in this case it does look the child is used as a screen to project the parent’s issues on.


      1. \ …. a few?

        Well, I haven’t written everything I do think. I tried to understand who birthed the child and found that Doty did. Also, saw this pearl

        \ Per Doty’s lawyer, barbara findlay (who does not spell her name with capital letters)

        What is the problem with capital letters? I am truly intrigued. And I thought lawyers were supposed to confirm to certain social expectations to be successful.


        1. As I keep reminding, what sells these days is quirkiness. Everybody wants an entertaining, inoffensive freak on the payroll. It’s a good marketing strategy.


          1. \ It’s a good marketing strategy.

            If you’re a customer searching for a lawyer? 🙂

            Of course, this lawyer suits people like Doty wonderfully. But those cases cannot be the majority of any lawyer’s practice.


  2. Where are American feminists? It sounds completely horrifying:

    \ Rape Victims Must Notify Their Rapist Before Getting an Abortion in Arkansas

    A new law states that an aborted fetus must be treated as a deceased family member, requiring both “parents” to consent to the disposal of it.

    If a minor is seeking an abortion, the decision would go to her parents (the “grandparents” of the fetus) because a person has to be at least 18 to exercise final disposition rights.

    “A doctor can’t perform an abortion, or miscarriage management, without making a ‘reasonable effort’ to contact the ‘father’ of the fetal tissue,” Camp said.

    The law would also delay care and allow for the “father” of the fetus, or a “grandparent,” to essentially block a woman’s abortion.


  3. This also must be quoted:

    // Arkansas has also passed a law banning a procedure called dilation and evacuation, which is most commonly used in second trimester abortions; a law requiring physicians to obtain medical records relating to a patient’s pregnancy history before performing an abortion; and a law requiring physicians to inform police when a minor gets an abortion, sending in the fetal tissue as “evidence.”


  4. Unsurprisingly, one of commenters is for the law: “The law sounds crazy, but it’s still his child. There is no connection between the crime he’ll be punished for and the fact that it’s his blood. A rapist has a right to be a father too.”

    Where are hearings for politicians passing such laws? Where are feminist marches (not slut walks) against this?


    1. \ Tell me you are making this stuff up, Clarissa, please. Right? Right?

      The moment somebody complains the institution’s first goal is to protect itself from the potential lawsuit, so they have a disciplinary hearing to show they did something. It’s not about believing the complainer or thinking the described thing was truly a case of harassment.


      1. They are forced to investigate because Obama made it a federal regulation. The academics who were forced to undergo weeks of i interrogation over pink postits are now not eager to vote for the Democrats. They must be very racist.


          1. Title IX. The Obama administration vastly expanded it to make this kind of thing obligatory if you don’t want to lose your federal funding (research, student grants.) Basically, grants for low income students are held hostage for this kind of monkey trials.


    1. It never seems to occur to her that she’s airing her terrible parenting out for the world to see. It all happened to her and she had nothing to do with it. Or maybe that’s how she pays bills. “My daughter was sexually molested by one of my husbands, my third husband cheated on me, and I think my one son is suicidal rapist in waiting and I have only one complete hand and a genetic disease!”

      Her tone is just weirdly smug and detached.

      I was less squicked out by the inspirational video of an 8-year old child bride turned med school student with a supportive husband and mother in law. What is up with me?


  5. \ Title IX. The Obama administration vastly expanded it to make this kind of thing obligatory if you don’t want to lose your federal funding

    I understand this case is absurd, but the basic idea behind Title IX is good. The real question is whether this case is like a false rape accusation, which doesn’t mean anti-rape laws are too encompassing, OR whether this case is a typical, widespread result of Obama’s expansions.

    Also, I can’t believe it happened between two academics. I suppose somebody was a member of administration.

    As for SB’s “Woman has a suicidal son and won’t stop publicly shaming him/calling him a rape apologist” – I checked and this woman is “a survivor of rape and sexual abuse” who most likely has never received real treatment. Such women give feminism a bad name since they very publicly hide their problems behind feminist rhetoric. I do not understand why she is behaving this way. Does she want to punish her sons since her real attackers went unpunished? Does she subconsciously want her sons to do the quoted below since it proves her worldview that all men are bad? Is she truly paranoid about raising her sons be not sexist and it leads to the opposite result? Or, is it all a mask hiding her desire to earn money even by presenting her family in a bad light?


    \ his anger led him to conservative websites and YouTube channels; places where he can surround himself with righteous indignation against feminists, and tell himself it’s ungrateful women like me who are the problem


    1. The woman simply hates her sons. This is not a rare phenomenon and is usually a result of a narcissistic wound. An infant requires a lot of attention, and a narcissist grows resentful that she has to tend to the infant’s needs disregarding her own. For a narcissist, the idea of somebody requiring more care and attention is extremely wounding. S/he starts trying to destroy the children. This is a classic case of narcissistic rage.


        1. I agree with your conclusions 100%. This is absolutely what she’s doing, methodically and obsessively. And it’s not even a super rare thing.

          In these cases, I also always hope that the children find the strength to break off all contact. Here the problem is that she has access to the media so she can keep rubbishing them in public, destroying their future employment opportunities and personal lives. Who’ll want to hire or date a guy whose own mother calls a rapist in the making?

          This is truly monstrous.


  6. I wanted to ask – you’ve written ” If one wants to read crisis fiction in English, one has to turn to the authors of unpretentious thrillers like Tana French or Michelle Richmond.”

    You’ve written about Jennifer Kitses’s “Small Hours,” Michelle Richmond’s “The Marriage Pact” and Tana French’s “Broken Harbor.” Has there been anything else? Have I missed something?


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