Irrelevant News

The worst that can happen to Team Trump is what’s happening now. John McCain and Lindsey Graham are expressing concern. Orrin Hatch is saying, “I don’t think this is relevant to the Trump administration.” The same 36 to 42 percent of America that has backed Trump since the spring still backs him. Repeat, ad infinitum.

Precisely. This is why I scroll down as fast as I can whenever I see yet another one of those Trumpo- Russian revelations in my newsfeed. 


22 thoughts on “Irrelevant News”

    1. Yeah, what are they thinking? That this corrupt, shameless GOP establishment will initiate impeachment proceedings?

      lol @Slate.


      1. They will never start impeachment even if Trump roasts and eats 5 babies on live TV. They will find a way to talk themselves into accepting it. These people are utterly spineless.


        1. ‘Spineless’ implies they want to do it but aren’t strong enough to do so. There’s no indication that they want to impeach. As long as Trump goes along with their agenda of tax cuts for the rich and taking health insurance away from millions, they’ll support him enthusiastically.


  1. The question is to what extent the Congressional Republicans are willing to listen to the permanent national security state. It isn’t terribly surprising that Donny Jr. would accept a meeting like that, but Jared Kushner (now a high-level adviser in the White House) also went, showing a profound lack of judgment in a person who has access to highly classified info. The permanent national security state would never tolerate this type of recklessness* in their own ranks, and their disgust must be boiling over by now.

    If there’s really no limit past which the Congressional Republicans will listen to the professionals, then this is irrelevant. But if there is a limit, then I think we’re close to it. And I think that Robert Mueller might ultimately bring forward things that push it over the limit, presuming that such a limit exists. But Mueller’s investigation will take time. He won’t be bringing a couple of examples that fall short of the mark. He’ll be bringing the complete money trail. And that takes time.

    Or maybe there is no limit. In which case nothing matters until November of 2020.

    *They have their own types of recklessness, but not this type.


    1. I think there really might be no limit at all. Republicans are nt managing to do much with both houses and the presidency in their hands. They must be in a panic as it is.


    2. Sneaky.

      Oh, so it’s only the pesky anti-Trump ‘deep state’ that won’t tolerate this. You’re, of course, fine with this administration’s actions.

      *Trump shoots people on Live TV.

      Alex, furrowing his brow: ‘You see, it all depends on whether Republicans will give in to the TYRANNY of the deep state, who for some weird reason, will not tolerate this. The good citizens of this country do not care about who Trump murders in his spare time, it’s only that state-within-a-state NSA that is needlessly meddling in the administration’s activities.’


    1. Lol, you idiot. Do you even have two functioning brain cells to rub together?

      Story 1: No such meeting, FAKE NEWS.
      Story 2. Don’t remember, something about adoptions maybe.
      Story 3: ‘We did it, no biggie’ after the email trail becomes public.

      After literally an year of denials and calling everyone a liar for even suggesting it, this motherfucker would like to receive a transparency medal for releasing an email to get ahead of the story, when it is clear that someone else has them and will release them.


      1. Did you check the IP address or something? Because this line of argument could easily have come from a Republican congressman. This seems like a garden variety foxnews-watching deplorable, not a russian troll.

        Like clockwork:

        Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) said on Tuesday that Donald Trump Jr. deserves “credit” for releasing emails leading up to his June 2016 meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer with alleged damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

        ” I have to give him credit and I thank him, you know, thank you for releasing these emails, for doing it, you know, very quickly. It gives you and I and the media and those of us on the committee a chance to really digest them. I think that was a good, positive step.”


        1. The language is not very good, so I thought it must be a troll. But yeah, it’s next to impossible to distinguish a Russian from a Republican these days. They read from the same script.


  2. “Because he didn’t think it was important.”

    FYI, educated people do not make dumb arguments like this. I know you people hate book-learnin’ and other liberal hoaxes, but ‘he didn’t think it was important’ implies you know exactly what is going on in his stupid brain.


    1. Do these people even have brains? How could anybody be baited like this?

      By the way, I just looked at my Russian feeds, and wow, the Russians seen really worried. I didn’t expect this to be so big for them.


  3. You want to hear the REAL “Irrelevant News” laugh of the week? It has nothing to do with Trump or the Russians.

    Last week several mainstream television news shows and the History Channel breathlessly reported that a newly discovered photograph taken in the Marshall Islands in the late 1930s proved that famous aviator Amelia Earhart hadn’t died in a plane crash in the Pacific — she’d survived and been taken prisoner by the Japanese. Multiple “experts” of various types examined the blurry picture and, using modern computer face-recognition software, confirmed that two of the people in the photo were Earhart and her navigator.

    This week a history buff doing a Google search found that same picture in a book published in 1935 — two years before Earhart disappeared.

    🙂 🙂 It’s hard to tell which “news” to laugh at anymore!


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