Adherents of communism / socialism and fanatical defenders of capitalism have a lot in common. One especially funny shared trait is that both rebut any criticisms of their favorite system by declaring that REAL, PURE communism / socialism or capitalism don’t exist and never did exist. Everything that we know about these systems should be disregarded because their purity has been perverted throughout history and geography. 

This allows the poor fools to avoid engaging with critics intellectually and instead drawl condescendingly and self-importantly, “Whatever you know as communism / socialism / capitalism is not what Marx / Ayn Rand had in mind.” 


2 thoughts on “Impure ”

  1. Simple formula: If your preferred social model requires perfect application to work then it will never work.

    Humans are only capable of half-assed, inconsistent and imperfect application of political ideologies so systems that can only be realize in perfect/pure application are irrelevant and need to be disgarded.


  2. Another funny observed by some is how a lifetime ideological career can contain both the extremes but none of the means, as seen in certain Bush-era documentaries that pointed out that numerous of the intellectual leaders in the neoconservative movement were former Trotskyists.


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