There Are No White Men

This is what people refer to when they say they are fed up with identity politics

The reason why Trump’s son is a prick is not that he’s male and it’s not that he’s white. He’s simply an entitled brat who thinks he’s God’s gift to humanity. And hey, we don’t have to guess whether his way of being has to do with his gender. Trump also has a daughter who is just as insufferable. 

I’m tired of hearing the expression “white men.” Enough with this crap already. Let’s not create false solidarities that bite us in the ass.


4 thoughts on “There Are No White Men”

  1. I mean, they have a classic textbook case of the privileges of the rich and powerful…and they blow it. Completely blow it. They equate Donaldik Donaldovich with people who have way less money and zilch for power.

    The spoiled behavior of the children of the rich and powerful is absolutely nothing new, and absolutely not unique to white men. But the liberal chattering classes can’t bring themselves to see that. Because then they’d have to acknowledge their own place in the class hierarchy.

    I work with some people who were born a few rungs above me in the class hierarchy, and they say all the right things about diversity and are prim and proper about microaggressions and all that. And they completely fail to get how class privilege is a thing. One of them has occasionally tried to school me on my privileges as a white male. Sorry, but I don’t need lessons on privilege from a guy who went to the same Ivy League school as his politician father.


    1. Once again, thank you for the link. I wanted to write on your timeline but my FB crashed. I think it was also appalled at the article.

      I keep saying, class consciousness, class solidarity, this is what we need. That’s what will bring us actual political benefits. We are being divided and conquered by this privilege shit.


      1. When a person who suffered under the Soviet Union thinks we need more class consciousness, that’s a sign that American liberalism is desperately in need of correction.

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