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What’s Your Vocabulary Score?

My vocabulary in English and Russian is in the top 0,01%. In Spanish it’s in the top 0.23%. The test I took told me I’m Shakespeare, Cervantes and Pushkin combined. 

Want to check out your score?


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19 thoughts on “What’s Your Vocabulary Score?

  1. The quiz is certainly wrong since my vocabulary is not greater in English than in Russian, I am sure. I once took other quizzes which showed less flattering results.

    Your Russian Vocabulary Size is: 27150
    Top 0.01%
    Your Russian is as good as Pushkin! You can even create new words that will expand the Russian dictionary.


    Your English Vocabulary Size is: 29450
    Top 0.23%
    You are Shakespeare!


  2. My English score is 0.12 (I’m Shakespeare!?)

    My Polish score was 0.31 (With the lesss impressive note: Your Polish is as good as a college professor specialized in Polish! You can even create new words that will expand the Polish dictionary.)

    I did the Polish test first, if I did it second I might do slightly better as it’s just a translation of the English with some weird lexical choices so the synonym of wdowa (Widow) is ‘żona’ (Wife)….


  3. My vocab results in English are modest — estimated 23k words, and top 5% (“The level of professional white collars in the US”). I suppose it’s not bad considering that English is not my native language and I work in a technical field, but obviously it could be better. Less blogging, more reading, I guess!


    • I don’t think that a result in the top 5% is anything to feel bad about. There have been presidents in this country who’d be lucky to end up in the bottom 20% at least.


  4. Stringer Bell on said:

    0.01%, 30150. Had to guess on ‘avulse’, but looks my guess was correct.


  5. Ol. on said:

    English white collar, Portuguese sucessful 30 yo businessperson, Spanish Cervantes, and French University professor. The one in French was difficult, and different from the other three.


  6. Dreidel on said:

    My score on the English grammar test was 104 (top 0.01%), and my German vocabulary size was “20660” (top 5.08%), so I score well with languages and word structure.

    My mother was an English teacher and karate expert. Whenever I made a mistake in grammar, she’d deck me with a karate chop. You learn quickly under such circumstances.


    • Stringer Bell on said:

      “Whenever I made a mistake in grammar, she’d deck me with a karate chop.”

      Wow. I’m sorry that happened to you.


  7. 5.08% in French.

    I stopped studiying French language 24 years ago, so…


  8. My English grammar score was 108

    “Your English level has reached extraordinary heights. No one can compete with you.”

    I might of done better if I tried more harder.


  9. I just did the English grammar test and scored 116.
    (0.01%, “Language god. Your English level has reached extraordinary heights. No one can compete with you.) I thought it wasn’t hard at all, in contrast with the vocabulary test, where I’d never seen some of the words.


  10. Alex on said:

    For a whole new perspective on vocabulary, check out this book:

    I assume that there are analogous books out there for Spanish, Russian, etc.


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