The administration of my university sucks dick. Now that we have our state funding, people started saying that we want our cost of living increases that we haven’t gotten in 4 years. Immediately, the nasty president and chancellor responded to the effect that well, if you hadn’t voted for the union, you’d now have raises galore. But since you did vote for the union, that, tragically, precludes us from giving raises. 

None of it is even remotely true. The administration is counting on the brain dead among us who will believe this bunch of sorry lies. Of course, that will be quite a few people. 

This is the same admin that blamed the union for being divisive. It’s as clear an example of a projection as I’ve ever seen.


3 thoughts on “Divisive”

  1. It’s this state’s MO: union busting by any means necessary, however crazed or half-assed. They tried the same “oh, we can’t give you the raise you were promised because you formed a UNION on the NTFC at the U of I in Champaign,thinking that it would erode union support. It didn’t.


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