Fake Opposition

One of the most important Russian dissidents Yulia Latynina is shilling for Trump like her life depends on it. 

“Have you wondered why all the educated, intelligent people in the U.S. are embarrassed by Trump?” she is asked. 

“It’s because they have been brainwashed by a conspiracy of liberal college professors,” she responds. “And here in Russia we have the freedom to see things clearly ”

This is just one tiny example to illustrate this very important thing I’m asking you to remember: there is no such thing as a Russian dissident who doesn’t work for the Kremlin. All opposition in Russia is completely fake. 

I’m starting to see these “Russian dissidents” in the US media more and more often, and I’m disturbed by that. People, haven’t we been manipulated by the Putinoid propaganda machine enough? Please, be vigilant. Turn off the TV, turn over the page, move right along whenever you see any of these clowns. They are good at telling you whatever you want to hear, distracting you, and then slipping in their poison. 


4 thoughts on “Fake Opposition”

  1. I have a philosophical problem with attributing any views one does not like to the carrier of these views being somebody’s marionette. Does not matter who that “somebody” is – this phenomenon is exhibited by everybody… Russian imperialists until recently attributed whatever they do not like to their opponents being the marionettes of the US State Department, as you very well know.

    What if instead we assume that people sincerely believe what they believe and act upon these beliefs? Take Navalny’s position on Crimea for example… Blame it on Putin’s propaganda if you like, but vast majority of the population of Russia are against returning Crimea to Ukraine. Meaning any politician who wants to be democratically elected cannot possibly run on the platform of returning it. We may not like it, but this is a fact. And claiming that Navalny is Kremlin’s project does not help here. Maybe he is, maybe he is not, most likely he believes in what he does, but the Kremlin allows him to be because they need an opposition, but not too serious. For show. But discussion on this subject simply obscures the fact that people who have views we do not like (or are mistaken about something, in our opinion) have genuine views, agency, etc.


    1. Oh, of course, they all believe it. Of course. And they all sincerely believe they are completely anti Putin. But for all of us the result is still the same.

      Belief systems are not formed in a vacuum. In Russia it’s useful, convenient and profitable to have the beliefs that serve the system. So people convince themselves they honestly believe what pays.


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