Another Victim of Police

It beggars belief how incredibly unprofessional and downright dangerous the police force in this country is. An unarmed, completely peaceful woman who made a 911 call was shot by police who came to respond to her call. Who trains these unhinged maniacs? This is insane. 


15 thoughts on “Another Victim of Police”

  1. The description of the incident (the shooter was on the passenger side and shot her through the door of the driver side) actually sounds to me like could be an accident.

    I don’t know if that is what is being claimed but it doesn’t sound remotely like anything a trained officer would do on purpose.


    1. What kind of a trained professional lets this sort of accident happen? And it’s not like this is an isolated case. It’s now a very frequent occurrence.


      1. I think in the minds of most authority figures there are essentially two kinds of individuals: those who’ve been convicted, and those who either had good lawyers or simply have never been caught yet.
        In general, the police and officials don’t think too highly of us “average” citizens.

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        1. Everyone’s outlook is influenced by their experiences, and the job of police is to confront some of the worst situations we have on offer head on, so I’m willing to cut them some slack in terms of what their beliefs on humanity are.

          But there has to be a damned difference between being cynical and gunning people down.


    2. The fact that she was talking with the driver when the passenger shot her through the door–and didn’t hit the driver–makes me think it wasn’t an accident. Not to mention that means the passenger had the safety off and the gun cocked in the car (and had it pointed in the general direction of the driver), which is dangerous in and of itself.


      1. I don’t know ….
        Maybe those cops are a bit misogynistic.
        What if she’s one of those “whiner” types? The kind who runs to the police any time someone “looks at her the wrong way” and claims she’s “being stalked” or “terrorized”? Or assumes someone’s either “being murdered” or “getting raped” any time some group or pair get a little loud or rowdy?


      2. No Clarrisa … I am a hater! A hater of injustice and a hater of injustice deniers!
        African American citizens are shot in America by police at the rate of 2 per week on average. Each and every week in America …where is our National outrage?


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