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Friday Link Encyclopedia 

I have OCD and I say fuck you, you dumb freak to the idiot in this article

new beer is being denounced as sexist. God, I hate this type of shit. 

The ugliest parenting post ever. And there’s a lot to choose from in this category. 

storage pod for husbands

A blogger denounces hatred and gives a great example of tolerance by ranting against “inbred bucktooth foul mouth cretins in Deep South states.” Oh, the beauty of tolerance and brotherly love!

Why Americans love apocalyptic narratives. Good but not deep enough. 

An example of how brain-damaged libertarians are. Unless it’s another parody that I’m taking too seriously. 

Even good, intelligent people are unraveling and start babbling incoherently as a result of Trumpmania. And yes, it’s a mania not a phobia. They totally love him. 

That’s one sad little kid from a very weird family


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26 thoughts on “Friday Link Encyclopedia 

  1. Shakti on said:

    The Mewar Ramayana

    It takes a while to load but it’s worth it. It’s an illustrated manuscript that’s been scanned in with translations and a narrator.


  2. Crystallizing chaos on said:

    Why do these wives need to take their husbands along for shopping if these said husbands detest it so much? Why can’t they just shop on their own or with their friends?


  3. JProf on said:

    I have OCD too, and it’s NOT fun. But the outrage over the Target sweater is just stupid. I actually think the sweater is funny, and I believe that it’s important to be able to laugh at ourselves and the difficulties we have to deal with in our lives, instead of choosing to be outraged whenever we can.


  4. Gender separation front targets IDF

    An aggressive campaign against joint service of men and women in combat units has been taking place in the past year on Israel streets and on social media under the slogans ‘Saving the IDF’ and ‘Stop the Madness.’ Yedioth Ahronoth uncovers people and organizations behind campaign, which was launched by anonymous group called Brothers in Arms, as well as the generous public funds received by some of these organizations.,7340,L-4989935,00.html

    AND Special Israeli-style snowflakes:

    Israeli student steals items from Auschwitz for art exhibit

    Rotem Bides, whose grandparents survived the Holocaust, says she took several relics from the death camp for her final project at the Beit Berl College’s Faculty of Art, including a sign warning visitors not to remove anything from the camp’s grounds. After learning of the theft, the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum says it plans to file an official complaint against her with the Polish public prosecutor general.,7340,L-4991041,00.html


    • “An aggressive campaign against joint service of men and women in combat units has been taking place in the past year”

      By primitive savages?

      “Israeli student steals items from Auschwitz ”

      Attention whore.


    • Dreidel on said:

      “Israeli student steals items from Auschwitz for art exhibit.”

      And the student’s lunatic “academic advisor” at her university defends the theft! According to the advisor (quoting from the link), “Let’s say she didn’t steal, but took a piece of evidence through which she can be part of it. It’s neither devious nor manipulative. The way I see it, she succeeds in creating a unique encounter between art and an event.”

      Sounds like Israel has its own Berkeley!


      • And its own snowflakes. Which is dangerous with Israel’s hot weather.


      • “Let’s say she didn’t steal, but took a piece of evidence through which she can be part of it”

        Attention whores typically want to make others’ tragedies their own. They want to push those directly affected out of the picture so they can star in it. This is her way of making Auschwitz all about her.

        I hope she never has children, she’d end up writing nasty articles about them….


        • Absolutely. This kind of people can’t tolerate anything being not directly about themselves.

          But her parents and teachers are equally to blame because they tolerate and encourage this.


  5. Uri’s last column – Soros’ Sorrows

    Grammar question: I thought the correct form was Soros’s Sorrows ?


  6. Israeli news – update:

    Two Druze police officers killed in Temple Mount terror attack by two 19-year old Israeli Arab citizens
    Israel decides on new security measures – installs metal detectors and additional closed-circuit television cameras.
    Three Palestinians killed in riots in east Jerusalem and its vicinity amid tensions at Jerusalem holy site; despite claims that they were shot in clashes with security forces, circumstances remain unclear; Friday prayers outside Al-Aqsa mosque in opposition to Israel’s decision to leave metal detectors at compound’s entrances were followed by small skirmishes which escalated into violent riots across the West Bank.
    19-year-old terrorist infiltrated a house in a settlement in the West Bank and stabbed its occupants who were having a Shabbat dinner; he murdered a 70-year-old grandfather and his son and daughter, in their thirties; the grandmother, aged 68, was badly wounded; he was then neutralized.

    Before he left for the attack, the terrorist wrote on Facebook a post linking his attack to the riots around the Temple Mount and the tensions over the new security measures introduced at its entrances. “I have many dreams and I believe they will come true, I love life and I love to make others happy, but what is my life is when they (Israel) murder women and children and defile our al-Aqsa.”

    Regarding murdering women and children, “When the terrorist burst into the house, the wife of the son who died hid the children in a room”. We all know what would’ve happened to those children otherwise.


    • Dreidel on said:

      Well, this is what the so-called “Palestinians” do best — stabbing grandparents in the back and slaughtering children.

      Israel should have exterminated the “Palestinian” terrorists decades ago. Those butchers already have a homeland. It’s called “Jordan.”


    • If what you are doing is not working, keep doing the same thing over and over and over again. Or something.


  7. Stringer Bell on said:

    “Well, this is what the so-called “Palestinians” do best — stabbing grandparents in the back and slaughtering children.”

    2014 Gaza war by numbers:

    Palestinians killed: 2,139
    Palestinian children killed: 490
    Israeli soldiers killed: 64
    Israeli civilians killed: 6
    Israeli children killed: 1
    Palestinians wounded: 11,000
    Palestinian children wounded: 3,000
    Gaza residents displaced: Up to 500,000
    Homes destroyed in Gaza: 20,000

    Don’t let facts come in the way of your genocide fantasies.

    Israel still #1 in slaughtering children. Only democracy in the middle east, though.


    • Dreidel on said:

      The blood of every single child killed in the 2014 Gaza war is on the the hands of the Hamas butchers in Gaza, who used their own people’s children as human shields and fired weapons from schoolyards and hospital grounds, while they aimed their primitive weapons in the general direction of Israeli kindergartens.

      That shameful taint also stains the hands of every liberal, “progressive” idiot in the West who supports BDS, and pretends not to understand the anti- Semitic, Jew-hating bloodlust behind that support.


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