Beach Observations

The teenagers at the poolside read paper books a lot, which makes me happy. Thick books with adult covers. I can’t understand the titles, unfortunately. 

It’s only girls who are reading, though. I haven’t seen a single boy with a book so far. And there are many, many teenage boys here. (It’s a family resort.)

Also, a huge and happy group of Argentineans with kids moved in. Talking about the joy of life, these folks are a pleasure to observe. They are so into whatever they are doing that it’s beyond cute. And the Daddies are so into spending time with the kids that it’s really great. Whenever the Argentineans hear me teach Klara how to pronounce my name, they think we are greeting them in Spanish. 

Dolphins often swim close to the beach and jump up in the air. What I don’t get is the people who immediately grab their phones to snap photos. There are thousands of beautiful, professional photos of dolphins online. What’s the point of trying to add a few more? 


4 thoughts on “Beach Observations”

  1. Dolphins seem to tap into some very primal part of people’s brains. Once in the canaries you could see dolphins in the distance and everybody had silly happy looks on their faces (many trying to take pictures).

    Last year in Bulgaria at one point I saw a bunch of people staring will silly happy and very intent looks on their faces gazing out and pointing at a particular spot….. dolphins.


    1. What i don’t get is how do you tell them from sharks when they are in the water. It’s the same triangular black fin sticking out of the water. How can one know which is which?


      1. Sharks are steady (they swim flat) so the fin stays out of the water longer while dolphins roll up over the surface and back down. Dolphins also routinely jump and sharks don’t (some species lunge out of the water after certain prety but it’s not graceful).

        IIRC there used to be a weird theory that humans are genteicaly primed to respond to particular shapes and the iconic image of a dolphin is one that humans are hard wired to like and respond positively to.


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