Stellar Reputation 

The position of governor general in Canada is largely a ceremonial one. The previous administration created a committee of experts that chooses somebody for the job who can project a positive image of Canada. The candidates don’t need any qualifications beyond a stellar reputation and an inspiring life. 

Canada’s current Prime Minister Trudeau made his pick of Governor general without consulting the committee. And then it turned out that his candidate once hit and killed a pedestrian and has a history of domestic abuse charges. In spite of these revelations about somebody whose only job is literally to be an upright citizen with a great reputation, Trudeau is standing by his pick and refusing to discuss how this choice was made and why the committee was not consulted. 

This sounds a bit hard to believe. A progressive leader of Canada stands up for a domestic abuser? Really? Well, there’s a little detail that I didn’t mention. The domestic abuser in question is a woman. And obviously it’s not real abuse when a woman commits it, so it’s all good. 

The details of the story are here


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