Are You an Islamophobe?

Good news! I’m not an Islamophobe. I used this checklist provided by the London police and I score zero on it. 

It’s a little deranged to compare Islam to “the West” given that the latter is not a religion but at least it’s a definition and not a vague accusation. 


4 thoughts on “Are You an Islamophobe?”

  1. I’m a big fan of Sam Harris and a lot of what he says about Islam. Many people claim he is an Islamophobe, so I would probably be considered one, too.

    I definitely don’t view Islam as a “monolithic bloc,” but I worry about the sexism of many/too many Muslim men, but this is a problem with Christian men, too.

    As others have said, I think “Islamophobia” is the wrong word. Islam is a set of (religious) ideas, and people should feel free to hate ideas, whether they be political, religious, economic, etc. As an atheist, I really dislike religion. But the actual problem is bigoted attitudes toward Muslims, or “Muslimphobia,” and not one’s beliefs about Islam, in my opinion.

    Finally, “Islam is used for political or military advantage.”–I’m not sure what this means, especially the last word. Doesn’t ISIS use Islam as a political and military ideology?


  2. I have no problem with Islam (which does not exists apart from the practices of people who call themselves muslims).

    I do have major problems with a certain amount of muslim behavior when it is transferred by immigration to non-muslim majority countries – burkas in Yemen? I could care less. Burkas in England? Major problem and I don’t care what I’m called for hating that.


  3. I score 0 out of 6 on the 1,2,4,6,7, and 8 items.

    But I think that the items 3 and 5 are misleading and I would reformulate them like this:

    Islam is seen as inferior to Christianity and Judaism. It is seen as the most barbaric of all religions.

    (nothing else to add since all mainstream religions are irrational, primitive and sexist)

    Islam is seen as the unique religion which is a political ideology. Muslims use Islam for their political or military advantage.

    (since all religions promote a political ideology and Islam is used by USA/Russia and ISIS for their political and military advantages against Muslims)


  4. Thinking again about it, I would reformulate the item 5 as follows:

    5– Islam is seen as the unique religion which is a political ideology. The vast majority of Muslims use Islam for their political or military advantage.


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